About Us About Us – Sport and Activity Promotion and why we set up SportW3 For Individuals and Families: How do you find local classes, sports, events or activities for yourself, partner or family? Do you find them by trawling multiple sites on the internet, discover them by chance or via a friend? This issue was not unique to myself, friends or my family, it appeared to be a common problem. Information is often disparate and difficult to find either in the community or online. Therefore, we went out into local villages, towns and cities to search for activities that were available for us to try. Eureka! We found a vast selection of physical activities available for all ages, abilities, impairments and gender. However, these local sessions, activities, sports, clubs, venues, professionals and events are often invisible, with limited promotion or advertising. To make these activities visible, we promote them where people are searching for them, such as through Google, Twitter, Facebook etc.

For Sport and Activity Businesses:  As a Professional working in the Sports & Fitness Industry, it can be difficult and expensive to promote your business. Digital Promotion and Marketing can also be confusing and outside of your ‘comfort zone’. This often results in little, none or inappropriate promotion of your business. Therefore, we at SportW3 have created a Company with the skills and tools that can assist you. We have a Website that can show-case your business, along with extensive Social Media Platforms – we actively promote your business to those interested in, or seeking Sports and Activities.  We offer sport, health, fitness and activity promotion via a selection of Profiles, Premium Advertising, Social Media Promotion. SportW3 also offers bespoke business packages to analyse, create and develop digital promotional programmes.

Welcome to SportW3 – ‘Making the invisible, visible’. We created the SportW3 Website to make Physical Activity and Sport accessible by: 1. Offering Coaches, Trainers, Instructors, Sports Physios, Clubs, Activity Centres, Gyms, Venues, Coaching Company’s, Charity & Event Organisers a place to advertise and promote their sessions to the wider community. 2. Offering an extensive and inclusive Sport and Physical Activity Website to individuals & families who wish to find appropriate local classes, activities and events to try. At SportW3 we are bringing together a vast array of Classes, Activities, Clubs, Professionals, Venues, Gyms, Sport & Activity Centres, Kids Holiday Camps and Events – everything on one easy-to-use website! We are presently developing and extending through the North West of England: Wirral, Cheshire, Merseyside, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Cumbria. SportW3 has also covered a few border towns in North Wales. We are facilitating/encouraging individuals to find and become involved in different Sports and Activities: to enjoy the physical and mental benefits of an active lifestyle.

Mission Statement: To provide an inclusive, interactive and comprehensive Website for Communities, that offers easy access to, & comparison of: local sports, physical activities, venues, professionals and events, so as to facilitate personal preference and increase participation.