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Guidance: How do I complete the Profile?
Please place your information on the ‘SportW3 Profile’ template above: the more relevant details you can give us, the more extensive and comprehensive your Profile will be. Here are some additional tips and ideas for you…

Select Title: Professional/Sport/ Activity/Club/Venue/Product/Company Event.

Essential Information (What & Who)
Type in all your information. Where relevant, try to include;-

– What is your Sport/Activity/Session/Venue/Event?
– The possible ‘Health Benefits’ to participants.
– Gender: Male/Female/Mixed?
– Preferred Age Groups: All/Children/Young People/Young Adults/Adults/Seniors?
– Ability Level: Beginner/Improver/Intermediate/Advanced/Elite?
– Impairments/Disability: All/Physical/Visual/Hearing/Learning/None?
– Professionally Inclusive: Impairment Friendly/Wheelchair Friendly?
– Additional facility information e.g. Accessibility/Lift/Ramps/Baby Changing/Showers/Lockers/Cafe etc.
– Accessibility to local transport links & parking
– Cost £? per class/event/membership etc.
– Any equipment required or supplied for the activity/camp/event.

Please include any good quality photographs – send us up to 10 photographs to promote your Class/Activity/Place/Camp/Event/Venue/Product/Services/Logo – send as an attachment.
Excellent quality or professionally created video may be included – this is at the discretion of SportW3.
NB. Please ensure that you have permission when photographing children, individuals, a venue or submitting a photograph you have not taken yourself.

Profile Photograph & Logo
Please ensure it is of good clarity and the size should be 140 x 200 pixels.
Tip☺: choose one of the following for the best ‘Profile’ photograph to go on the site;

– Head & Shoulders Shot
– Activity, Sport or Class
– Equipment
– Venue
– Logo

Please send your photograph/Logo as an attachment.

Location (Where)
Address of Activity Location/Venue/Event/Camp/ etc. including a Post Code.

Contact Details
It is important to include a means of contact for enquiries or further information;
• Your e-mail will come up as a ‘Contact Owner’ button on your profile. It will also be visible on the lower part of your profile, unless you request this e-mail address to be removed.
• Your phone or mobile number can also be included and will be visible on the lower part of your profile.

Website / Facebook Information
Include your website details and we shall create a link to your site.

Time of Classes / Activities / Event / Venue Opening Hours (When)
You can offer the times as; – 12 hour clock (am / pm) or a 24 hour clock (00.00hrs).

Professional Qualifications / Accreditations
Include information concerning who is delivering the activity; any professional qualifications, expertise, experience, DBS, Coach Mark, Club Mark accreditations, venue status etc.  If there are no qualifications/accreditations and you are ‘Leading’ or ‘Volunteering’, please make this clear for your Profile.

Social Media Promotions: Please include 3 different sentences/messages that we can use in our Social Media that promotes particular aspects of your business. NB. We may reword these for maximum impact.

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